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Pillar is set-up into two parts. One of them is Pillar (Clothing) and the other part is the Pillar Foundation. The clothes also help the Foundation part. 

The Foundation wants to help and offer a podium to people from the parts of society whom could really use help and support. Our focus is in and around Delft, the Netherlands. Pillar aims to donate a part of the profit to make a difference for the people who need it!

Active foundations 

Our main focus as of the current sales are to help the #TEAMTREES fund. They want to plant 20 million trees by the first of January 2020. 

You can also help these points by donating. This can be done by tansferring to Pillar Clothing on NL20 KNAB 0259 1623 02.

Succesful foundations 

Assistance Dog - Delft

Luckily enough our fan who needed an assistance dog was able to obtain one! After a few weeks of waiting she was allowed to pick up the dog! Below you can see a picture of the beautiful dog. Want to stay up to date? You can follow the dog on instagram @mirai.dehond.

Thank you very much for the people who have donated and we wish our fan the best!

Assistance Dog @mirai.dehond

MooiWeerspelen Delft 2019 - Delft

During the MooiWeerSpelen Delft 2019 we were voluntairly active for the very first time! Our help was done on the 23rd if June. We helped artists such as Fenoman by carrying their lugguage and helping with the construction of their podium. There was also other aid with the construction before and after the main event on the Big Market in Delft. We also made sure other workers got drinks and everyone had a great time. 

As you can see on the picture below we also designed the custom shirts for this event. This was a collaboration with Delft on the Move. During the picture we were enjoying the amazing singing and guitar skills of the one and only Fenoman. In the middle you can see Oszkár (the founder) and 

 PILLAR voluntairly active @MooiWeerSpelenDelft 2019

Jazz Festival Delft 2019 - Delft

Pillar was voluntairly active on the 24th of August during the Jazz Festival Delft 2019. We helped people where needed with the construction of the event, and help Delft on the Move with their interviews. As you might have guessed the voluntairly work was done together with Delft on the Move. More information about Delft on the Move can be found here the Jazz Festival Delft can be found here

Buren met Gouden Handjes - Delft

Our focus is in and around Delft. We financially helped the 'Buren met Gouden Handjes' (Neighbors with Golden Hands). Pillar was also be voluntairly active during the event. This is a part of the Burendag (National Neighborday) in Delft. The event took place on the 28th of September from 12:00 until 20:00. With your support we helped local children have a day they can remember. You can find more information on the Facebook event here. We have also donated financially. 

Voedselbank Delft - Delft

Thanks to the orders and donations made by the fans to Pillar we were able to give loads of food back to the community. We did this by giving food to the Voedselbank Delft (Food Bank Delft). Their volunteers give food to the people in need in and around Delft. On your left is the founder of Pillar (Oszkár) and on your right the chairman of Voedselbank Delft (Bert Bos).

The G. J. Louw Primary School - South Africa

This school was in desperate need of a beamer for their children. By obtaining a beamer the kids would be able to learn in a digital way. We have financially donated to this cause on their Go Fund Me page. More information can be found by clicking here. UPTADE: They've got more money than they needed. It was a very succesful fundraiser!

Future Foundations

Here is a list of our future plans:

  • helping food banks
  • helping the homeless with necessities