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Being convinced changing the world can only be done together, Pillar has always been looking for ambassadors. Our ambassadors stand behind the fundamentals of Pillar, and help us share our message through their Social reach. Our Ambassadors are the following, in alphabetical order:

  • Mauro Lorenzo

Mauro Lorenzo is a recognized DJ in Delft / The Hague and owner of The Black House & Delft Underground Movement. Being a supporter of Pillar from the earliest days, Mauro has been looking for ways to musically incorporate Pillar's vision. Spreading the word through his social media, Mauro has proven to be a true reliable ambassador for our cause.

  • Niels Lock 

Niels Lock is a local DJ, and has been supporting Pillar ever since Pillar went public. By promoting Pillar's vision within student associatons, Niels has been a trustworthy ambassador.

  • Youri in 't Veen

Youri is one with nature. He loves to be surrounded by it and combine this with his fanatic sport mentality. By incorporating Pillar's vision, he is the person who is creating the supporting fundament.  

  • Delano

Delano told us the following: “I've learned that anything in life worth having.. comes from patience and hard work.. That's why I joined Pillar. Young minds driven by succes.”

  • Dylan Doornkamp

Dylan wants to help Pillar grow, both as the company but mainly because of the message. He loves to spread his positivity through Pillar's vision. 

Want to become one of our ambassadors? Send a message here or send and e-mail here