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So... How did we end up setting up Pillar?

Oszkár Decostere has been looking for a way to release his inner-creativity for a while. Being intrigued by many different types of artists, he came to realise art would be the perfect way to share his positive mindset with the world. Convinced in being able to make an inspiring change to his direct surroundings, Oszkár founded Pillar in 2019. Together with the business-related expertise of Casper Stienstra, they began practicing what they believe in - inspiring others to be more supportive and positive towards other people in their surroundings.

This is when the Pillar era began.

Oszkár (22) has always been moving a lot. Thanks to the moving around he learned what the importance of a stable and inviting environment is. He also wanted to make sure that everyone around him felt accepted and supported. In the beginning of his career he made art and followed courses at various art academies. Later on during his career he wanted to do more with fashion and helping people. Oszkár is blessed to have two parents with entrepreneurial minds. They've had companies in many industries, and were a motivation for Oszkár to take his plans a step further.

Casper (21) has always been interested in the business side of things. Starting multiple e-commerce businesses in his adolescent years, Casper found out that running a business is not only about making money. As he came to learn, being engaged in businesses was only morally fulfilling if said business were to promote personal beliefs. While helping his long-time friend Oszkár formulate the strategy for his artistic idea, Casper soon realised the potential Pillar had to offer.

Pillar was founded in 2019 in the Netherlands. Pillar holds the Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number 74395297.

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