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Season 2: Pillar x Spiritual-Awak3ning Collaboration

The unique collaboration of Pillar X Spiritual-Awak3ning. 

This Is The Moment Where You Have Been Waiting For. At This Point Two Different Worlds Meet. The Collaboration Is A Combination Of Being The Fundament Of Your Community And Being Spiritually Awakened...

Pillar Clothing Is All About Helping Yourself And Others In Need. The Decision To Collaborate Happened Naturally, As Both Brands Share A Similar Vision. The Pillar’s In Our Community Create A Fundament For Others And These Exact Compassionate People Also Tend To Be Awakened.

Spiritual-Awak3ning Was Created To Support And Motivate The People On Their Journey To Awakening. Pillar Is A Brand With Similar Ambitions, Helping Out Yourself And Others Around You. This Unity Of Brands Represents That Cooperation Achieves More Than You Can Alone.

Metal Bracelet
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Leather Bracelet
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Shirt - PxSA
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