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Donation to Voedselbank Delft (Foodbank)

Posted by Oszkár Decostere on

In the Netherlands it is reported that 151.000 people were helped by Voedselbanken.nl in 2019. Voedselbanken.nl is the biggest food bank foundation in the Netherlands. Imagine... more than one hundred thousand people that do not meet the financial needs to buy their own food. 

Entrance of Voedselbanken.nl (Delft) with Oszkár Decostere

That is the reason why Pillar Clothing took action. On 7 November 2019 we got our hands on loads of loafs of bread and cereal. We went to the food banks in Delft (the Netherlands) and donated al the loafs of bread. As seen on the picture below you can see the bread being handed over to the Chairman of Voedselbank Delft (Bert Bos). Mr. Bos was very delighted with the donation!

Handing over the bread to the chairman (Bert Bos) of Voedselbank Delft

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who bought garnments and donated we were able to give back to the community. To the food banks.

Founder of Pillar (Oszkár Decostere) with Chairman of Voedselbank Delft (Bert Bos)

You can see the Founder of Pillar (Oszkár Decostere) with the Chairman of Voedselbank Delft (Bert Bos). He was amazed by the donation. We would like to thank all of you for the support. Without you this donation would not have been possible.

Pictures taken by Casper Stienstra.