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Season 1: Minimalistiq

Posted by Oszkár Decostere on

Pillar Clothing Season One: Minimalistiq

Pillar's very first season focusses on 'Less is more'; Minimalistiq. The garnments were printed in Latvia and Estonia to support the economy of the European Union.

The hoodies, tees and caps have the Pillar Clothing logo on the chest and Pillar written on the back. Compared to a football team. The sweaters have Pillar written on the left chest and a big Pillar Clothing logo on the back with Pillar written on the bottom.

We have goal to make the first collection ten garnments to see what people like.  Do they prefer caps, tees, hoodies and/or sweaters? Which color do they prefer?

The Following Garnments Are Included in the very First Season: 

  • Hoodie - Snow White
  • Hoodie - Charcoal Black
  • Hoodie - Space Grey
  • Tee - Snow White
  • Tee - Charcoal Black
  • Cap - Desert Khaki
  • Cap - Charcoal Black
  • Sweater - Navy 
  • Sweater - Marroon
  • Sweater - Charcoal Black

Check Out the Full Drop Here!

Pillar Clothing Season 1: Minimalistiq