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Donation to #TeamTrees

Posted by Oszkár Decostere on

The past few days we were looking at MrBeast. He is a YouTuber who gives money back to his community. Suddenly we stumbled upon this video. He tells us he has the goal to plant twenty million trees by the end of 2019. This is a very good cause, because the oxygen levels are decreasing every day. MrBeast calles his crowdfund: #TeamTrees.

Pillar Clothing, us, are advocates of the environment. Hence we focus on Environmentally Responsible Behaviour (ERB). 

#TeamTrees in combination with the 2019 Black Friday Sale was a good timing. More than 15% of the profits were donated to #TeamTrees. If you would like to donate yourself you can go to https://teamtrees.org/.

Pillar Clothing's #TeamTrees Campaign Post

A big thank you goes out to all of the wonderful people who bought garnments, donated and support us during this period in time.